A22004: 2h workshop (via Zoom) Gathering Insights from Interviews (Remote)

An essential element of many agile methods is contact with the customer and researching their needs. And that works very well with interviews. As a journalist, I have been conducting interviews for 25 years now. Via Zoom, with several exercises.

There are different forms of interviews and different implementations. The two go hand in hand. If the interview is “badly” conducted, the implementation is also hardly salvageable. As a journalist, the different forms of interviews are my daily business – and are based on a broad theoretical foundation.

Interviews are an important in agile and non-agile projectmanagement methods, like for instance Design Thinking. And hardly learnable with a page in the playbook. It requires a lot of practice. The impetus for this is provided by this short workshop. Participants will learn and try out interviews techniques – and reflect it. In 2 hours you get some basic understanding of interviews as a technique. To dig deeper, try out my 2-day-workshop or book a coaching.

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Seminar dates

  • Thursday, September, 15th, 3 p.m. (german time)
  • via Zoom
  • in english language
  • costs: 119,00 Euro (including taxes)

Seminar Terms

By booking this seminar, you expressly agree to the use of your data in the context of seminar planning.

Make sure you have a good internet connection. It is highly recommended that you also use a good webcam and headset to participate (individual recommendations of products I use myself can be found here), otherwise good communication will be difficult. If you would like to test the technology with me in advance, please contact me.

Cancellation of the seminar is NOT possible in principle; a transfer to another person can be agreed with me if necessary.