Jörg Stroisch

Mastering your Self-Employment

Money is tight, and customer acquisition is just not excellent. These are typical problems that I know very well myself. After all, I’ve been self-employed as a journalist for almost 20 years. During my WebScience studies at the TH Cologne, I applied Design Thinking for such and similar challenges – and adapted it effectively and scientifically evaluated for solo self-employed. Use my knowledge for your challenges. Consulting and coaching quality ‘made in Germany.’



“For a long time, I’ve wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know how to begin. Finally, I found a suitable workshop and coaching concept for my solo self-employment. I particularly like that Jörg does not present me with ready-made formulas but helps me develop my formula. We work individually and thus also very effectively.”

– Petra Kirchner / freelance calligrapher

“To understand the problem space of my clients more: That’s where Jörg has helped me. His friendly but consistent urging to focus on the end-user helps me get my new website on the home stretch. Very pleasant and purposeful is his self-image as a “servant leader” in the field of design thinking and innovation.”

– Birthe Meinert / Speechcoaching


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