Jörg Stroisch

Mastering your Self-Employment

Money is tight, and customer acquisition is just not excellent. These are typical problems that I know very well myself. After all, I’ve been self-employed as a journalist for almost 20 years. During my WebScience studies at the TH Cologne, I applied Design Thinking for such and similar challenges – and adapted it effectively and scientifically evaluated for solo self-employed. Use my knowledge for your challenges. Consulting and coaching quality ‘made in Germany.’



“For a long time, I’ve wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know how to begin. Finally, I found a suitable workshop and coaching concept for my solo self-employment. I particularly like that Jörg does not present me with ready-made formulas but helps me develop my formula. We work individually and thus also very effectively.”

– Petra Kirchner / freelance calligrapher

“To understand the problem space of my clients more: That’s where Jörg has helped me. His friendly but consistent urging to focus on the end-user helps me get my new website on the home stretch. Very pleasant and purposeful is his self-image as a “servant leader” in the field of design thinking and innovation.”

– Birthe Meinert / Speechcoaching


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  • Why observation is an excellent method for agile frameworks
    To gain real insights about your customers and users, you have to contact them. One method for doing this is observation – it’s simple yet unfortunately used far too infrequently.
  • Interviews as a gateway to customer requirements in agile projects
    In agile projects, the question of the customer’s point of view arises at many points. The involvement of this stakeholder is even an elementary component. One way to generate these insights is through interviews – but there are some hurdles here.
  • Short Video-Tutorial about Interviews
    Maybe you will enjoy it? Get a short insight, how you could do good interviews with real insights with your customers. As a freelance journalist for over 20 years I collect huge experience in this method. The webinar will last round about 30 min and is introductional; english language!
  • Interview: Asking good questions
    The interview is a central method of all agile methods. And not only there. After all, good interviewing brings real insights into the problem and solution space of products and services.
  • High/low grid for brainstorming
    The classification of creative thoughts, for example after a brainstorming session, into a concrete action set is not so easy. The High/Low-Grid can be of help here, as it helps to set priorities.


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  • Eipisode 25// Sam Yiheng Cen ist Spezialist für agile Methoden, unter anderem für Design Thinking. Auf LinkedIn ist er sehr aktiv. Das ist die zwölfte Folge meiner Sonderserie Social Media.
  • Episode 24 // Wie kann das Thema Innovation bei Schreibwarenhändlern angegangen werden? Die Branche kämpft ja – wie der Einzelhandel generell – mit vielen Herausforderungen. Nils Jeners ist Innovationscoach und beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit diesem Thema. Er ist Gesprächspartner in dieser neuen Folge des Podcasts "Designed Innovation".
  • Ein Unternehmen ändert die Prozesse, führt SCRUM ein und ist dann agil? Nein, sagt Rainer Collet, Mitbegründer von Value Rebels. Warum es auf viel mehr auf die richtigen Talente ankommt und auf Experimente, erklärt er in einer neuen Folge des Podcasts "Designed Innovation".
  • Episode 22 // Blogger veröffentlichen Artikel, oft mit hoher Leidenschaft verfasst. So auch Markus Rödder. Mit einem hohen Maß an Authenzität ist er auch erfolgreich auf Social Media unterwegs. Eine Sonderfolge Social Media im Podcast Designed Innovation.
  • Episode 21 / de / “Mindful Social Media” ist der Slogan von Bianca Fritz. Sie ist Trainerin für Social Media – und verbindet das mit dem Thema Achtsamkeit. Die 6. Folge der Sonderserie Social Media.
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